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We are working to implement a fully integrated chatbot solution to provide real time support and integrated self service to our incredible customers.

We didn't want to delay launching our core product as we recognize the urgent need for people to have reliable and safe computers.

We'll keep this page updated as our progress develops. For now, please email for all support related items.

Weekly Update & Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance for Quiver customers occurs every Saturday morning at 1 am Pacific Time.

Operating system and standard software is updated, disk cleanup scripts run, temporary files are deleted and a system restore point is created.

Computers are then prompted to restart.  Please ensure all of your data is saved prior to logging off every Friday night.


We are working to implement a fully functional support and FAQ section for self service.

General Desktop Support

Quiver offers general desktop support for an additional charge. We will If you would like to submit a ticket for general desktop support, please email

  1. Create a Shopify account
  2. Create a Collection for your products in Webflow
  3. Add your products from Shopify

We have found that allowing our staff to work in a fully flexible way is key to successful remote working.

Events and actions

We trust our team to maximize their time and use techniques that are idiosyncratic to them.

  • You’ve been UI Designer for 2+ years.
  • You’ll ensure content strategy and design are perfectly in-sync.
  • Design and implementation of data storage solutions.

We trust our team to maximize their time and use techniques that are idiosyncratic to them.


To set this up on your site, you’ll need a Shopify account and a few items to sell. Once you’ve done that, you’ll be ready for step 2.

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